Right before I moved to London, I was 20, and I was sending tapes back and forth with Jamie. This was The Kills before The Kills existed. Sending four-track tapes almost as like a pen-pal thing. To me, those things were really real. It wasn’t a band, but it was even better: it was a reason to wake up in the morning. It was completely real.(…) I was mail crazy. I kinda still am. There wasn’t really any email back then, so everything was all about patience. I think I’ve lost a lot of patience. But, yeah, the most exciting day, the day that’d just make your week, would be when I’d get a package from Jamie. There’d be all these tapes in them, I wouldn’t know what was on them, what these songs were going to be, or what he’d done to my songs. And he’d throw a bag of coffee in the package, so I’d drink the whole thing and just be up for two days straight, not sleeping, not doing anything else, just working on these songs so I could get them back in the mail to him. It was a real reason to exist.

Alison Mosshart, January 2010.

As a Kills fan, as a huge introvert, coffee addict and researcher of creative process, this is my favourite thing ever. It’s so cute.